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NOTICE: Our 501(c)(3) status is pending and at the discretion of the IRS.  Contributions may not be tax deductible for an unknown period of time — and perhaps not ever if the IRS denies our request.


Individuals cannot claim a tax deduction on their return until the IRS officially grants our organization tax-exempt status. Therefore, you might have to file an amended tax return once our status is approved to claim any eligible tax deductions.

Ways to Give

We currently accept donations online via PayPal.

Leaf Pattern Design

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In-Kind Donations & Volunteer Services

Literary Materials

We accept physical copies of queer literature for the purpose of stocking publicly-accessible libraries, classrooms, book clubs, and for providing material to under-priviledged youth.

Volunteer Services

To volunteer services such as public readings, videography, proofreading or editing, or anything else, please submit our Contact Form.
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